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Ep# 20 – Winner MasterChef Season 3 – Christine Ha

Welcome to Episode 20 of This Is Yu Podcast.

This Is Carole Yu and Scott Stewart

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Today you’ll be inspired by our interview with Christine Ha, the winner of MasterChef Season three. She was the first Asian winner of MasterChef. If you don’t know about Christine, you gonna wanta listen to find out what makes her so special! 

Christine Ha – Winner MasterChef Season 3

But first let’s tackle the Asian kitchen hacks that my mom taught me when I was growing up. Make sure you listen to the whole podcast because after talking to Christine, we’re giving you another five bonus hacks that will help you save time in your kitchen. We’re fairly confident, maybe even pretty confident that there will be at least one kitchen hack you’ve never heard of! 

Christine’s Restaurant is The Blind Goat

Chicken Pho – The Blind Goat

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First, let’s tackle some Asian Kitchen Hacks.  Carole’s mom taught Chinese cooking when Carole was a wee lass.  Here are a few Asian Kitchen hacks that Carole picked up along the way.

Back in 2012, Christine Ha won Season Three of MasterChef.  Today we catch up with her whirlwind life over the past 8 years.

Sticky Wings – – The Blind Goat

Check out the video recipe we did for Sticky Lollipop Wings. CLICK HERE.

Christine has gone on since the show to publish a cook book, win accolades from James Beard, and the Helen Keller Personal achievement award. She’s traveled the world representing the US as a culinary envoy. She has  a fast concept restaurant already in Houston, and another full sit-down restaurant in the works.

Also, Carole, there’s a lot of chatter in the streets about her opening a 3rd restaurant in Culver City! We talk to her about cutting her husband’s hair and a super innovative technology that allows her to wander the streets of Manhattan to purchase ingredients for a special surprise dinner. And we find out the worst thing Christine has ever eaten.

G.O.A.T. Sauce – The Blind Goat

Christine Ha Interview

We already investigated some Asian kitchen hacks that Carole was taught by her mom.  Now let’s probe into some other time saving kitchen hacks.

There you have it! Send us your kitchen hacks, we’d love to share them with all of you!

BBQ Brisket Spring Rolls – The Blind Goat

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Pork Belly Meatball Banh Hoi Bowl – The Blind Goat

Thank you so much to Christine for joining us in today’s conversation.  We really are astounded by all you’ve been able to accomplish since you won MasterChef.  Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given us. You’re a shining example  that proves with dedication, hard work, and focus, all dreams are possible!

As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and feedback about the show. You can reach us on Instagram or Facebook at [This Is Yu Official] or you can leave us an anonymous voicemail at [562-291-6037]. We listen to all the voicemails.

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