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How We Are Growing Our Blog with Food Blogger Pro!

I have a confession to make. Food Blog Monetization what was that? When Carole and I started, it was a mess. We had great ideas, but didn’t know where to start. We were treating our blog like a hobby without any strategy. After a couple of frustrating months we decided to get serious. We knew bloggers were making money, but Food Blog Monetization we had no idea how.

One of my goals has been to create a photography ebook and monetize it – sharing all my tips and tricks I’ve learned from my many years of shooting photos. I have been watching Food Blogger Pro’s creating an ebook tutorials, which have been extremely helpful!

The Food Blogger Pro community is great. Got a question – post it, and boom you get great recommendations and answers, quick. I’ve taken to help people with their questions with my own answers and recommendations – it’s a great feeling knowing you’re helping someone! 

Making money doing what we love…

If you’re like us, monetizing our blog, was something we wanted to do, but didn’t know where to start. It was a little overwhelming. However, Food Blogger Pro has helped us focus on our goals and implement an actionable strategy into easy to follow steps.

We spent a lot of time researching blogging techniques, but we found ourselves totally overwhelmed. Information overload is real! We had so many questions, but we didn’t know who to ask. Imagine our relief when we found Food Blogger Pro! We were so happy to find a website that covered all the fundamental principles we needed to grow our blog.

What is Food Blogger Pro?

Food Blogger Pro is an awesome website that teaches you how to start, grow and monetize your blog. It was founded by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, the couple behind the very successful food blog Pinch Of Yum.

Food Blogger Pro has over 350, easy to follow tutorial videos and a very active community forum. The videos make it super easy to learn technical skills and apply them to your blog. The community is a great place to get individual attention from industry experts and other bloggers.

Food Blogger Pro also works on mobile devices, allowing members to watch lessons on the go. It’s amazing how much I have learned from watching tutorials on my iphone during lunch breaks! 

What did I learn?

I have been working my way through the site systematically using their course tracker. This helped me know which areas to focus on. There were some things I could skip because we had already started our blog, but they do cover everything from the very beginning.

These are some of the key things we learned that really helped us move our blogging career forward:

  • How to build traffic using social media, food sharing sites and Search Engine Optimization.
  • How to create popular recipe videos using my phone as well as a DSLR
  • How to take drool-worthy photos in natural or artificial light.
  • How to edit my photos using Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • How to monetize my site using ad networks and affiliate partnerships.
  • How to use plugins to improve my blog and add functionality to my site.
  • How to create an e-book and sell it online.
  • How to use social media and email marketing to improve my traffic and engagement.

Learning all this was not the only benefit of joining Food Blogger Pro. We also made friends and connected with a bunch of amazing bloggers and industry experts in the community forums. If I’m ever stuck pulling my hair out over a technical problem on our blog, I can pop in the forums and someone will have some advice for me. How great is that? Bloggers helping bloggers!


They teach a wide range of skills and techniques at Food Blogger Pro. As a member of Food Blogger Pro, you’ll learn… 

1. The best tools for starting a food blog 

2. How to take beautiful photos with artificial light 

3. How to increase traffic with easy SEO tips 

4. The tools you’ll want to create viral food videos 

5. The best way to structure your blog’s permalinks 

6. How to set up branded short URLs 

7. Generating income from eBooks 

8. The best way to set up giveaways 

9. Creating and submitting a sitemap 

10. What FTP is and how to use it 

11. How to optimize your images 

12. How Google Webmaster Tools can improve your SEO 

13. The right way to use anchor text in links 

14. The most important tools in Photoshop 

15. How to set up a branded email address 

16. Backing up your site so you don’t lose content 

17. Adjusting manual settings on your camera 

18. How to set up a caching plugin and CDN 

19. The best way to use affiliate marketing 

20. Using Photoshop to enhance your images 

21. Photo editing workflow tips and tricks

So, is it worth it?

Absolutely! In my opinion Food Blogger Pro is one of the best investments a blogger can make when they are getting started. Think of it as rocket fuel for your blog. If you watch the courses and follow the steps, you will see results.

You won’t have to waste time digging through all the random information online. I love Youtube but it’s a rabbit hole – so easy to blow through hours and hours of tutorials just to get a question answered. Food Blogger Pro is sooooooo worth it!

I’m interested, how do I sign up?

Signing up is super easy. Visit this link and select a monthly or yearly membership:

Sign up for Food Blogger Pro

Bonus! If you purchase a yearly membership you get a free year of Nurtifox. Nutrifox is a tool that allows you to create and share nutrition labels in your recipe posts. Great right!

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, or want to take your current blog to the next level, I strongly suggest you give Food Blogger Pro a try. It’s a wonderful resource and community.

NO HASSLE MEMBERSHIP: Food Blogger Pro think contracts stink. Members can cancel their membership at anytime. Easy Peasy!  No questions asked. I love this business model because you can give it a try, and not worry about getting trapped into something! 

TRUSTED AROUND THE WORLD: Food Blogger Pro has nearly 3000 international members from five different continents!

One more thing…

Food Blogger Pro has an awesome weekly podcast that you can listen to for free. The podcast is great, I listen while I’m at the gym, or going for a hike. It’s much like their community – no fluff, just stuff we can actually use. Carole has listened to 185 episodes – wow! Be sure to check it out.

This post includes affiliate links. When we find a great product or service, we like to share it with our readers. Sometimes we use affiliate links so we can earn commission for our recommendations. Thank you for your support! 

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