Scott Stewart

What Photography Backgrounds Should I Use?

You should use our beautiful Photogram Surfaces(TM) photography backgrounds of course! A great photo starts with a great background surface, and we have over 50 to choose from! Our Photogram Surfaces(TM) are affordable, light weigh, durable, double sided, hi-res photorealistic images printed on 1/8in substrate. They measure 36in x 24in and are the same aspect ratio as most DSLR cameras.

Carole UnBoxes New Photogram Surfaces(TM)

Watch as Carole shows you just how well packed our Photogram Surfaces(TM) are! Plus Carole unboxes 12x ( 36in x24in ) Photogram Surfaces(TM). We went through our collection of over 50 surfaces and picked out 12 various fun surfaces. We have some great upcoming photoshoots and wanted to show you guys just what a finished image would look like on our various Photogram Surfaces(TM).

Find Out More

Click this link to find out more about our Photogram Surfaces(TM).

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  1. Susan

    That looks awesome, I can’t wait to order mine!

    1. Scott Stewart

      Susan, that’s great, let us know if you want any help with the process. Carole and I are here to answer any questions you may have.

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