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Food Photography Tricks

Hey Guys! So I have these great clients – and they make award winning hot sauce!!! It’s sooo tasty, but I’m warning you now, it’s very addictive!!! I was putting it on everything, burgers, soup, eggs, at one point I was brushing my teeth with it – our little secret!!!

I get an email the other day out of the blue, and get this, they are making a new bottle size -5oz – great I think, the perfect size for a purse or in my case my pocket – I can carrying it everywhere I go! I’m pumped. But the announcement is not the reason they are contacting me. ” Are you still shooting product shots?” But of course, send over the bottles, I’m still at the same place, oh and you should send extra, ahem, umm, just incase the labels don’t look good or perhaps a bottle falls, ya, extra bottles.

I’m thinking, since I have to shoot the bottles, I would love to bring you guys along with me – I get lonely sometimes, even with Mo hang’n at my feet. Ok this is going to be fantastic, cause I love sharing what I have learnt about shooting products for clients.

In this video we start right at the beginning – from opening the box, right through to the final product that the client will receive! Now I could write a whole big long blog post about what the video covers, but hey, who has time to read when you can watch! So give that little button in the middle of that image a clickety click and away you go! Enjoy!

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