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Ep# 18 – Winner MasterChef Season 4 – Luca Manfe

Episode #18 – Winner – MasterChef Season 4 –  Luca Manfe

Welcome to Episode 18 of This Is Yu Podcast.

This Is Carole Yu and Scott Stewart

Today, we catch up with Luca Manfe, winner of MasterChef season 4. After a devastating rejection from season 3, Luca fought his way back to victory and into the hearts of all MasterChef fans.  

MasterChef Season 4 Winner Luca Manfe

He was always one of the fan favorites because he rejected the conniving and pettiness of other contestants.  He was always a gentleman, making us laugh, his blue eyes sparkling with passion for his food.

We learn about Luca’s family, not only his American family, but we go back to his roots in Aviano, Italy where he grew up. He tells us about his private catering business “Dinner with Luca”, and the tiny house where he, his wife Cate, and children Luca and Valentino now live. 

Balsamic short ribs with polenta and mushrooms.

Luca answers fan questions, and tells us about his journey from MasterChef to The Lucky Fig food truck, to his current daily life.  If you are a Luca fan, you may get chills as I did when talking to him. It was an intimate conversation, and we were so lucky to connect with him.

From Luca’s Win on MasterChef Season 4
Basil pannacotta, cherry tomato gel, mascarpone cream, french brioche .

After our conversation with Luca, you won’t want to miss our segment, “New Tech Cooking”  where we talk about our annual Sous Vide feast.

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New Segment – New Tech Cooking

Have you seen those “Sous Vide Egg Bites” at Starbucks and wondered, “What is Sous Vide?”

Our family was first introduced to Sous Vide when Dara was asked to the White House where she was an honored guest at Obama’s first “Maker’s Faire.” Where she ran into a person who made a sous vide machine..  Afterwards, she sent Dara one of their circulators.  

What does Sous Vide mean? Listen to the podcast to find out how to make your food so moist!

Thank you so much to Luca for joining us in today’s conversation.  We loved learning what your family means to you and how they are a shining beacon in your life. 

His positive spirit inspires us.  We appreciate you Luca for taking the time to share your journey from MasterChef to your life now full of love of family and food.

Thanks for listening to the show.

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Ciao Bella!

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