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Ep# 21 – Tyler Florence Celebrity Chef Food Network Star

Welcome to Episode 21 of This Is Yu Podcast where we make Your life More delicious. Today’s interview is with Tyler Florence Celebrity Chef Food Network Star.

This Is Scott Stewart and Carole Yu

Today I was totally fan gurrling during our interview with Tyler Florence Celebrity Chef Food Network Star. I first noticed Tyler on Food Network twenty years ago on Food 911. I totally loved that show.  Then, in 2012 I bought his cookbook, Tyler Florence Fresh, and I was so so hooked. He makes beautiful food that is clean and modern, relying on the terroir of the ingredients to shine through.

Episode # 21 - Tyler Florence - Celebrity Food Network Star

Tyler Florence Torso shot

New Segment – First we’re going to taste and talk about a recipe that Carole made from the Tyler Florence Fresh cookbook. Poached Salmon, Grains, Grapefruit, and Chile. 

Listen to the whole podcast.  After we talk to Tyler, Scott will tell you about our This Is Yu website revamp. And then. Carole is  going to explore a hidden gem on Netflix, “Midnight Diner:Tokyo Stories.”

Carole, why did you choose this recipe from Tyler Florence Fresh?

Close Up Poached Salmon, Grapefruit, Grains, and Chile

First off, it’s Corona time, so I had to see what protein and other ingredients we had in the house.  We had salmon, grapefruit, grains and peppers and herbs.  I also had purchased some lemon grass a few weeks ago. I was going to make our sticky Lollipop Chicken Wings Recipe. But, I decided to pivot with the lemongrass and make Tyler’s poached salmon recipe.

Were there any techniques that were new to you?

Often, I do a lot of one-pot cooking mostly to save time.  Everything is prepared together, and then you just spoon it onto the plate.  In this recipe, the different components are prepared individually.  First, there’s a grapefruit mayo.  Next, the grains are each cooked separately. Wheat berries, quinoa, and couscous. Finally, the salmon is poached by itself.  I felt like a chef because I was then plating like a chef. The components are simple to prepare. And, then they go into a composed dish. I love exploring food and combinations that wouldn’t be something that most people would pair together.

I also thought it was great to use the lemon grass stalks to rest the salmon fillets on when poaching. Have you used lemon grass before? It’s citrusy with a lemony mint and gingery flavor.

Tyler Florence Headshot

Tyler Florence Celebrity Chef Food Network Star

Tyler Florence has built his career over the past 24 years of being on the Food Network.  He has a true love for his fans, and it shows.

Tyler was born in Greenville, South Carolina.  He went to Johnson and Wales studying culinary arts and hotel restaurant management.  He worked for years in New York, opening the restaurant “Cafeteria” when he was only 27.  It’s still open to this day.

Twenty years later, he has restaurants on both coasts. He has home goods stores, and is married with three kids, living in  Mill Valley, CA North of San Francisco.   He’s written numerous cookbooks.  Definitely has his fingers in so many different areas of the food world.  We talk about how to stay relevant, and his philosophy about keeping your passion alive.

NetFlix Review - Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner: tokyo Stories

New Segment - Netflix Review - Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories


Carole lived in Tokyo for two years in 1990 and 1991 when her late husband got a job there designing a golf country club house.

I’ll never forget the first meal we had once we landed at our apartment in Kikuna.  About 90 minutes from Narita airport.  It was extremely hot in September.  Probably about 90 degrees with 90% humidity.  We couldn’t speak much Japanese.  So, we found a restaurant that had little plastic food models.  I chose Tenzaru Soba which is Tempura With Chilled Buckwheat Noodles. I’ll always remember that meal because it was in a family run small restaurant that had maybe only 5 or 6 seats.

So how does that remind you of Midnight Diner: Tokyo stories that you told me about on Netflix?

I know a lot of people are super into Manga.  Plus last year , Parasite won the Oscar best picture.  So it’s really common that people are interested in Asian food, and culture. This Netflix show, brought back those Tokyo memories to me.  When we lived there, we had two lives. We had the life with other Americans we met at our work. Plus, the life with those we met around our home.  

Why I love Netflix' Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner:Tokyo Stories really brings back the quirkiness and gentility of so many of the Japanese friends we knew. The show revolves about a Japanese diner that is only open from 12 midnight to 7am.  Each episode is based on a particular dish, and it shows the Simple and profound connections between the characters of the show based on their shared love of that dish. 


Each episode, easily digestible at less than 30 minutes is different, with an interesting epiphany. For example, there’s a story of a gambler left with a pre kindergarten son, who has to change his life to accommodate his new parenthood.  There’s another story of two brothers reconnecting after forty years by coincidence. Another of an adult film star who reconnects with her first film partner. It’s a Japanese Cheers with heartwarming moments. Each episode has a strong story, culminating in a joyful ending. I find the show comforting, philosophic. 

Shared Human Condition

Even though it’s subtitled in Japanese, it connects to our shared human condition. It gives insights into Japanese culture and food. It flows with a simplicity, but authenticity. It’s nostalgic, melancholy, but positive. Something that during the last few months of watching too much Netflix, I’ve really connected with.  Wanted to share and enthusiastically recommend to our listeners. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Thank you so much to Tyler Florence Celebrity Chef Food Network Star for joining us in today’s conversation.  We’re really grateful for you joining our podcast and sharing your focus of food and life with us.

As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and feedback about the show. You can reach us on Instagram or Facebook at [This Is Yu Official] or you can leave us an anonymous voicemail at [562-291-6037]. We listen to all the voicemails.

@tylerflorence on all social media


Thanks for listening to the show. Have a great week!

Bye, buy bye, buh bye…….

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